Online Systems & Resources

Once you are a student at BCIT, you can access a variety of services by using your nine digit BCIT Student ID number (A00xxxxxx) to login to

Through you have your own free e-mail address, which will look something like All of your course correspondence will automatically go to your my.bcit e-mail account as well as any additional e-mail addresses you provide on your official BCIT student account.

The first time you use, your password will be your birthday, in the style


Ex: if you were born on Christmas Day 1964, your default password would be


When you log in the first time, take a minute and change your password to something more secure.

The combination of your BCIT Student ID number and your my.bcit password is used for many services at BCIT, including log-in to as well as D2L (online portion of your courses).

Through you can change your personal contact information whenever you need to, check your grades and unofficial transcript, print course tuition receipts and official income tax receipts, use your myBCIT e-mail, or access many other services.

Again, remember that your course tutors do not use their myBCIT e-mail accounts for contact with students. Be sure to use the course e-mail for any e-mail contact with your tutor.

Desire 2 Learn (D2L)

OCHS distance courses are now offered in a blended format — part paper, part online. The online component is located in Desire2Learn (D2L). Every time you login to D2L with your A00# and your password, you get to the D2L home page, where you can see any blended courses you are currently registered in under the My Courses heading. Click on any of the courses to see the content.

Once you are in the course homepage, click on the Content link to explore each topic under the Table of Contents. Notice that all OCHS courses start with links to Course Information, Exams and Assignments at the top of the Table of Contents.

Furthermore, the  Course Information topic is subdivided into the following:

The additional headings in the Table of Content are module-specific (e.g., Module 1, Module 2, etc.). Under each module you will find a link to a Self-Test. The self-test is taken online and you will get feedback on your performance after you complete the test. Some OCHS courses also include a variety of module-specific web-link readings.

If you need assistance, check out the following resources:

In your paper-based Course Manuals you will be alerted to online content in D2L with the computer icon symbol on the left hand side of the page.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the e-mail function within D2L.